Kraftjerkz 005
Entro Senestre/Kid Ginseng/MANASYt
Ride The Faderz

The fifth release from Kraftjerkz is the deepest by ass-shaking cross between Kraftwerk and a John Carpenter soundtrack featuring drum rhythms ala Computer World. This 12" features a roster of artists such as MANASYt, who's austere sounds have been featured on labels like The Hague's Bunker, and Entro Senestre of W.T. Records. Senestre's track is even influenced by New Orleans producer, Mannie Fresh as well as New York's latin Freestyle. Tom Tom Club's Kid Ginseng made his vinyl debut in 2007 with his "Gift to Connect" ep which was circulated mostly around France and the UK. All three of these artists have been played by the Dutch west-coast's Intergalactic FM. Kraftjerkz-005 will planet-rock any size room it's played in.

Kraftjerkz 007
Various Artists
released 2011

pressed in USA.
available on 12" vinyl at Clone Records
label design by Tiffany Pilgrim

Flight 007 will be arriving on schedule. The Kraftjerkz Aviators meet as Sweden's Luke Eargoggle, Johan Inkinen, 240 Interceptor, and the American Kid Ginseng. The first order of business is the Swedish "Autopilot." Let the bassed-up crowd find delicate layers a la Faceless Mind amidst of our favorite "Numbers" beat. Kid Ginseng makes a 150 bpm "Computer World" turn with "X-1 Speed of Sound." There is a bonus beat on side B, stripped, drums-only. When recently aired on Intergalactic FM, The Hague's I-F slipped when he said the record was probably from Gothenburg etc. We enjoyed that. Flying private, commercial, or government aircraft becomes a mere subject when the launch of Flight 007 affirms that this soundtrack is, in fact, both below and above the clouds. Don't be late.

Kraftjerkz 010
Kraftjerkz Number Ten
Various Artists

released 2011
pressed in USA.
label design by Leslie Burnett

Features DJ Quest and DJ 2 Fresh of San Francisco's Mission Cartel with fast scratching and edits, electrofunk megamix style. Plus purist electro from Sweden by Luke Eargoggle and Johan Inkinen of Stilleben and Kust labels. The record also features dub versions on side B to create your own remix using two copies.

DJ Quest of Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters/Space Travelers set multiple standards for what would become the 90's turntablist movement including pressing the first battle record tool with DJ Eddie Def and DJ Cue in '93
Vinyl available through these fine distributers {Downtown 304, Crosstalk, Clone} or your favorite shop.

Kraftjerkz 012
Neud Photo

Goes beyond "Simulations," w/"Dimensions" that has a bassline as catchy as Newcleus & the rest is deep & raw 808s & transparent, sweeping textures; built like minimal-synth yet grooves into electro/Italo orbit.

Kraftjerkz 013
Neud Photo

In rotation on The Hague's IFM. Intergalactic FM. OmnicroM' opens with a dynamically, grooving banger. Modulating rhythms build with driving beats. The second side is a cosmic disco experience. Lush production and driving themes envelope you into the dystopian netherworld's of Neud Photo.

Kraftjerkz 014
Neud Photo/Zarkoff

This new 12" vinyl is based on a song Neud Photo produced some time ago on Kraftjerkz label which was featured in Artforum magazine. The Croatia based Zarkoff has re-tooled the track and has come up with a dynamic, punchy, and deep synth pop track featuring vocals by melancholic pop diva, Iva Vis who's vocals are praised by Tom Tom Club. This record has a melodic force all it's own. There is also an original dark techno track on side B by Zarkoff. Deep. No messing around.

Kraftjerkz 015
Robin Des Iles
Icelandic Sweater

Landrover off-road in the land of red horses with white manes, black sand, blue glaciers, magnificent whales, beautiful women and a democracy older than that of Switzerland. Windswept land of the northern lights.

Kraftjerkz 016
Robin Des Iles
Charm is The Word

Robin's live sessions with an 8 channel mixer on location in charming Nassau, Bahamas where he pays tribute to two great synthesizer artists. Bernie Worrell and Ceephax Acid Crew

Kraftjerkz 017
Zarkoff/Honored Matres
Pannonia Noir

Artwork: Liz Wendelbo (Xeno and Oaklander) 3 variant signed and numbered art prints for the first 90 copies. After that, the image will repeat.

Croatia is producing some very top class artists making records for both europian and american labels such as Creme, Clone, Frigio, and Kraftjerkz. Aside from being solo artists, Zarkoff founded Florence Foster Fan Club with producer, Le Chocolat Noir. This time they have made separate solo tracks for Kraftjerkz with Zarkoff on one side and Honored Matres (Chocolat.) on the other, featuring diva singer, Anshie. While Zarkoff has produced some sort of dark Jack tracks, Honored Matres has chosen a style between europian electro and minimal electronics. Both tracks have a similar production quality born deep in the Zagreb freak parties.