Kraftjerkz 018

Niko Marks, a Detroit native has teamed up with people from Mike Banks to AUX 88. Now he and Robin Des Iles have produced this gorgeous Old-School Techno EP on Kraftjerkz label.

A Mercedes Benz cruising a Bavarian highway makes a detour where it's suspension is rocked as Niko and Robin take the Ausramp into a territory many have traveled but now the two are breaking down some cliches.

Robin Des Iles is a pseudonym for Kid Ginseng who has rocked parties from Brooklyn to The Hague, Netherlands where he plays sets of electrofunk but he also digs four on the floor as shown here.

Kraftjerkz 019
Ferris Wheel Operator
Whirlwind of Regret

Whirlwind of Regret
by Ferris Wheel Operator

Affluent Toddlers
Why do I paint myself into the velvet hand of luxury? clenching with a pleasurable grasp of magnets and non-toxic paste eaten by affluent toddlers who will grow into the people that attempted my obliteration slowly since pubescent hallucinations of what should come but instead only a more hopeless fart that is tolerable if only I decide not to care or if I decide to call it a life at all.